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Tea Brewing

Whilst coffee brewing is the primary purpose of Moccamaster machines, with a bit of creativity a fantastic cup of loose leaf tea is easy to brew. This method works best with Classic and Thermal models, thanks to the variable flow rate valve on the filter cup. Here's a simple four step guide. 

1. Wet the filter paper.
Just as you normally would when making a coffee, make sure the filter paper is wet and sealed to the filter cup. 

2. Place tea in filter cup and set valve to 'closed'.
Choose the amount of tea you'd like to use depending on how strong you like your brew. 

3. Switch the Moccamaster on. 
Watch as the filter cup fills up and the tea begins extracting. We let our tea brew for about 2 minutes. Give it a little stir inside the filter cup if you like.

4. Open valve, and enjoy!
Too easy? We think so. Enjoy brewing your tea and enjoy the festive season! 

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