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The benefits of using a Moccamaster Cup-One at home

The Cup-One is the newest addition to the Moccamaster family. Handmade in the Netherlands the Cup-One is the essential home brewer.


1. Consistently makes a good brew.

By keeping your coffee grind setting constant and the amount of beans you use the same, you can expect the Cup-One to deliver great results all the time.


2. Filter coffee tastes great.

Using quality beans will reward you with a delicious cup of coffee. Most of our retailers carry fantastic single origin beans, to check some of them out have a look here.


3. Designed and made in the Netherlands, so it looks great on your shelf. 

Moccamaster Cup-One


4. Is low cost compared to other high quality coffee machines.

A good home espresso machine can easily set you back four figures. They also take a while to master a great extraction, an issue you won't have if you're using the Cup-One. 


5. A colour to match your setup.

Already have a few blue kitchen appliances? Prefer neutral colours? The Cup-One is available in six beautiful colours.


Show the Moccamaster Cup-One over on our products page.

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